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Take a dive
8M TONSof plastic flows into the ocean every year
1 MILLIONseabirds a year die because of the ocean litter
Sea pollution kills 100.000MARINEmammals yearly

BekaertDeslee supports
ocean cleanup.

Every year, millions of tons of garbage reach the sea.
We pay fishermen to collect garbage and bring it ashore.

Textile technology enables us to upcycle ocean plastics into new yarns that we use to produce high quality mattress textiles and mattress covers.

Read all about the amazing SEAQUAL initiative.

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The story of our oceans is not a fairytale, we believe this can change.
We dream of a happy ending and do our best to make it happen — by making mattresses with innovative textiles that use upcycled ocean waste.

Let’s make waves!
Read all about the amazing
SEAQUAL™ initiative.

Let’s make waves!

BekaertDeslee is assuming the responsibility to help save our beautiful blue planet for the future generations and encourages customers to join the SEAQUAL community.

With upcycled ocean plastics, we weave and knit beautiful textile products that make comfortable mattresses for a good night’s sleep and a clean conscience.

We need your help! Join the SEAQUAL community and dream of change as you sleep on the SEAQUAL mattress.

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